Creating texture with watercolour

After a few weeks of observational drawing and technique based studies, today we took the chance to play! We used watercolour, salt and glue to create textured jellyfish compositions🐙🐳🐡, with a focus on blending our colours together and building textured backgrounds.🎨🎨 Sometimes it’s fun to let loose and experiment!

We started by laying down a glue resist, and practiced our wet on wet watercolour technique as it dried. Then, we set to work on our backgrounds, mixing a range of colours and letting the paint bleed to create blending, transparency and fluidity. Next, we added salt to absorb some of the paint and create a fine, grainy texture. Finally, after using the hair dryer to speed the drying process, we added detail with a fine brush and paint straight from the tube.

It can be hard to work in a free and expressive way, and is often more difficult than it looks. Everyone did really well, and had fun getting messy in the process!


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